How do you develop your own systems, methods, and frameworks?
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How do you develop your own systems, methods, and frameworks?
July 31, 2021
In this episode, we talk about how you don't have to be perfect when you come up with frameworks. Instead, you just have to create one.
Here's a question that I get often from a lot of people is how do you develop all these frameworks? Where are you getting this stuff from? And that's actually a really good question, right? Because you have several different types of people that are people that just copy other ideas. And then there are people that are actually innovating ideas.

 When you're actually innovating ideas and you're creating some kind of structure around an idea. This creates an opportunity for a framework. But the fear I think that a lot of people have is what if they created the wrong framework or what if there are missing pieces or how do they know what to add? So let's try to calm and ease these fears right now. I'll kind of give you an epiphany moment that I had because I was a little scared to come up with my own frameworks, etcetera. 

Now I had this friend when I was doing my NBA program in Johns Hopkins. Um, one of my classmates, super smart guy, he speaks 13 languages. He's like a jeopardy savant. I think he went on like a 456 I can't really, really remember. It was, it was, I think like two different, two different weeks of just straight killing it on jeopardy. And he went on this very long street. But as someone that likes learning languages, I speak five languages and I wanted to track on a little bit more. Well, when I first asked this question, I only spoke three languages and I've been able to add to since then. But I asked this person, how does he learn all these languages? And he thought about it for a moment. And this is what he told me. He said that when he starts learning language, he breaks it down and he thinks about how a baby would think. So a baby, they just need to communicate some basic desire, some needs and wants, and this is how they will survive, right? So starting this way, in terms of thinking about what a baby would need to say, that's a great way of learning a language. 

And I started implementing this method that he taught me and a couple weeks later and I, you know, I went up to my friend, his name is Sam Hopkins and I was like, Sam, that was brilliant man, I've been using your system to learn other languages and like I already find myself having some kind of communicative fluency when I'm talking to people because I'm able to express these basic needs and wants. And he was and he was actually surprised, he was like, what? That actually worked and I was like, yeah why wouldn't it work? And he was like, to be honest man, I just made that up, and that's what he told me. He said he actually made it up, but even though he made it up, it gave me a little bit of direction for me to go take the next step in order for me to achieve my dreams. 

And that's why when it kind of hit me, it's like the framework itself isn't that important. What's most important is just having that clarity and having some direction, someone to guide you to be able to take you to the next step. So even if this wasn't a very formal framework that this friend wrote out, this was a system kind of he just thought up on the fly and it works, it works for me to be able to learn all these other languages and I'm probably going to you know, maybe hopefully add some more, I don't know, I think I'm kind of done at five, I don't have the motivation to go back out and like learn something new because there's just so many things to learn, right? But there are some other other languages that I might want to pick up, like Portuguese. 

Anyway, I'm going on a tangent, the whole point is you don't have to be perfect when you're coming up with these frameworks, all you have to do is just create one, it will give the other person some direction to be able to move forward and that direction itself is going to be so much tremendous value that you will be doing this person a disservice if you don't create this framework, so forget about trying to be perfect, Just break it down, think about what someone might need to to think about or do whenever they're trying to reach this goal that they have And if you've done it before, just create a very simple framework and just go from there, you know? maybe this person might come back and might report to you and said "hey, I tried your framework, but here's why it didn't work" and then you'll think about and be like "oh, it didn't work because you forgot this, and then you just add that to your framework". But that's a good way to start. So I hope this office, this is Robin Copernicus happy making frameworks boom, bam, I'm out. 

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